Smartphone Journalism Presentation October 20, 2014

Thanks for listening to my presentation on October 20, 2014 at the fall MIPA conference. Below are some highlights from my talk. If you have any questions, please contact me at Check out MLive and my most recent work. — Fritz

6 things to remember when doing journalism with your smartphone

  1. Make sure the apps you use sync and back up automatically: You don’t want to lose any work you’ve done.
  2. Don’t use filters for news photos: Try to make the picture the way you saw it. Artistic expression is good and all, but not when it comes to news photos.
  3. Before publishing, take time to edit and make sure it’s accurate: We are journalists. People rely on us just not to be fast, but accurate.
  4. Turn on airplane mode when recording: You don’t want your editor, or mom, calling and disrupting an interview you are recording.
  5. Make sure you are charged and have free space: Don’t want to delete apps while you are reporting.
  6. One take video: Editing video can be time consuming. An easy way to cut down on how long it takes is to go in making the video thinking of it as the finished product. Make one shot: ask the questions you want with an eye of not editing later.

Following news on your smartphone

Here is a link to an article I wrote about how I use my iPhone to follow and track news.

My favorite apps I use for journalism


Audio recording:



  • Capture by Sky Balloon
  • Horizion by Evil Window Dog P.C.
  • Fly by Fly Labs Inc. — this is the video app I was thinking about during the presentation but forgot the name.


Et al: