Here are some different types of video I have shot and produced over the years.

Feature video

One of the videos I’m most proud of is the funeral procession for Capt. Drew Russell, a soldier who was laid to rest on Oct. 20, 2011. It’s long, but during the day I was able to find four different perspetives on how people honor a soldier who has died, from the 10-year-old who never met Capt. Russell to a former school worker who knew him throughout the years. Each one has a different reaction to the procession the burial. View the video.

Live video

I have produced several live video streaming events. The most notable are the two live video chats with Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. The first was about his 2014 budget recommendations. We had three days notice to create a studio for the broadcast and had reporters from across MLive offices ask questions live during the hour-long event. The second video with Snyder was an end of the year interview. Link

Explanatory video

In 2014, a statewide ballot proposal was put before voters to change how personal property tax was collected on businesses. While important, it was one of the most complicated and dull topics. I created a video to explain the issue in three minutes. If voters wanted to learn about the issue, they could watch the video and get the most clear explanation of the subject. View the video 

Time lapse videos

Some of my favorite videos are time lapse videos. This is one of my first time lapse videos and one of my favorites: the Groundhog Day blizzard of 2011. View the video

Breaking news videos

Often times, videos immediately describe what is happening. There was a protest that came out of nowhere on a Friday afternoon in Lansing. The arguments were heated. See the video below and read the story. (Note, there is some strong language).